Dynamic printing

We know that Clappia helps you create custom apps for any business processes. Most of these processes involve printing or creating a PDF document at some point. Here are the steps to print a document in your format from the entries created in your apps:

    1. Create your app in Clappia. Click here for the basics of creating a Clappia app. We will take an example of an invoice generator.
    2. Get into the edit mode by getting into the app and clicking on the edit button. Make sure you have edit permissions for these apps.
    1. Edit the app to include all the variables and calculations that you want your users to submit. Here is a guide to work with variables, calculations, and logic.
    2. Notice the values in the brackets below each label. These are the values that you will be using in the next step.
    3. Click on the Workflow tab at the top and go the Print Settings at the bottom.
    1. Create a .doc file in whatever format you want. Provide fixed values that will be common to all the documents. .docx is not supported yet. Include all the dynamic fields (variables mentioned in step 4) in curly brackets.
    2. Go back to Print Settings mentioned in step 5 and and click on the toggle switch to enable submission printing. Browse the .doc file created in step 6.
    1. You are all set. Submit some data in the app and go to your submissions.
    2. Click on the reference id of a submission. A modal with all the submission values opens up.
    3. Click on the "Print" button at the bottom and you should see a printing/save as PDF option.


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