Quick start

Welcome! If you want to learn more about using Clappia, you’ve come to the right place. This quick start article will help you learn the basics so you can get going.

Create your Clappia account and get started with the steps below.

Steps to create a simple app

Add Application

Click on the "Add Application" option provided in the left navigation to start the app creation. You need to provide the name, description and icon for your application. Click "Create Application".


You can design your application on the desktop only.

Drag and drop software blocks

You app is ready to be customised at this step. In the next article, we’ll dig deeper into creating apps. For now, just drag and drop a few software blocks (green) from the right into the left rectangular. Edit "Section Heading" to something relevant. Edit the labels of each software block by clicking on the blue pencil icon. Edit the Label, Description and Placeholder values to something relevant.

For example, you can drag a "Date" block and edit following details to make it relevant:

  • Label - Date of Birth
  • Description - Please provide your date of birth
  • Placeholder - DD/MM/YYYY

Click Save.



Check the web app and the mobile app

Can you believe your application is ready? Clicking the app icon that you see in the "Publish" section will take you to the web app directly. It is ready to use! Enter a few values in the fields that you might have added in the steps above.

Download Clappia's mobile app and login using your credentials. You will find your mobile app there! Enter a few values there as well.

Add users

Come back to the tab where you were designing the app. In case you are lost, navigate to your app from the Clappia's dashboard and click on the edit application icon on top right.

It's time to add users to your app. Enter the email ids of the consumers of this application and set their permission. If they are Clappia members already, they get a notification. If they are not, you can always invite them to join. Once your users sign up, they will find this app in their workplace.


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