Making a Workplace public

You can make a Workplace and all its apps public so that it is accessible to guest users without having them sign up on Clappia. Follow these steps.

  1. Visit your company's workplace on Clappia, https://<YOUR_WORKPLACE_NAME>
  2. Once on the workplace page, on left sidebar look for "Workplace Details" and click on it.
  3. Here you will find a section named "Workplace Preferences".
  4. In that section, turn off the switch labeled “Login required to view the workplace apps” and click on save.
  5. Now click on “My apps” in the left sidebar.
  6. Click on the app that you want to make public.
  7. Now click edit application, a small blue pencil icon on the top right corner of the app.
  8. Go to the "App Settings" tab.
  9. On the app settings tab, turn off “Login required to access this app” and click the save button.
  10. Now enter the link “https://<YOUR_WORKPLACE_NAME>”  in the web browser to access the apps that are made public.

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