App designer components

The App Designer is the core of the platform that enables a user to design and configure the modules of the app that the user needs. Add an App To get to the app designer, you need to add an app first. Go to your dashboard by visiting your Workplace […]

Add a Workplace

A Workplace is a virtual boundary for each organization. You can configure your org specific settings like company logo, user access and permissions, notification policies, etc. Here are the steps to create a Workplace. Help video 1. Signup Signup on the platform by following the steps mentioned in this link. […]

Sign up

Signing up is the first step of using the platform. The process is very easy and common for all kind of users. Through signup form Visit our signup page and provide your basic details. Sign up with Google If you are using a corporate Gsuite account or your personal Gmail, […]

Supported Formulae

Clappia supports form calculations and logic through the syntax of Excel. Click on this link to learn how to use a formula block in Clappia. Clappia supports all basic arithmetic symbols (plus, minus, multiply, divide, remainder) and IF/AND/OR formulas. Apart from that, find the list of all supported formulae at […]

Co-Branding and Custom Logo

Clappia supports Co-Branding of your apps along with customized logo of your choice. You can have your app with your own logo on the Play Store or I-phone App Store. You can get the web application with your company logo, however, the domain name will include ‘’, that can’t be […]

App in Different Language

If you wish to create apps in your local language or any other language, you can do it easily with Clappia. Here are the steps to create an app in another language, here we have created in Hindi. Create the app as per your requirement using the drag and drop […]

Pull filtered values from other apps

You might have used the Clappia inter-connection of apps to pull data from one app to another, if not try it out now. Getting more into it, you can pull filtered data based on the review status made to the submissions of your master app (from which you are pulling […]

Content Management Apps

If you wish to manage your documents or content along with some sorting then you can do it using ‘Conditional Display of Section’ and the ‘Read Only File’ options.For example, if we want to display the documents based on the course selected and the project/chapter selected in that course.Here are […]

Bulk upload data

Help video You can bulk upload data into Clappia apps by following the steps mentioned below. This is often used when you want to backfill data or upload data from some other system into Clappia. Click on the Submissions button to land on the submissions page. Now click on the […]

Integration with Google Sheets

We can connect our Clappia apps to Google Sheets so that all submissions get synced to Google Sheets in real-time. The connected¬†Google Sheets get updated on the following events: 1. New Submissions2. Submission edits3. Status change4. Submission deletes5. Bulk upload of data Help video Here are the steps to connect […]

Nested Drop Downs / Multi-Level Drop Downs

Look at the picture given below, What if you can provide such type of options in your app. With Clappia it is possible to do so. This feature gives you the option to have conditional drop-downs, i.e. different options will be there in the next drop-down field for the different […]

How to set review status on submissions:

Help video If you wish to review the submissions of an app or you can say want to set their status, for example, you want to review submissions of an app as Cancelled, Pending or Completed, you can do this using the following steps. Go to the Review/Approval Status values […]

How to use passcode:

If you want to show certain sections to a limited number of people, you can use the passcode option. Following are the steps to use this Passcode feature. Drag the Text block and name it Passcode or Password whatever you want. Put the condition on the section which you want […]

No. of days i.e. Date Difference –

If you have two dates and want to get the number of days between them you can directly use the formula block and simply subtract one date from other. Keep in mind that you use the unique field names of the dates in formula block. Shown below is an example […]