Using Clappia as a timesheet app

If you want a simple timesheet app for your employees, you don’t need to look anywhere else.  Here are the reasons why you should be using Clappia as a timesheet app.

Clappia as timesheet app
  1. Fully customizable: All businesses are unique and therefore they have their own unique processes. The timesheet of one company can be very different from another. Most of the other timesheet apps have fixed formats. You can customize each and every field of a Clappia timesheet to capture the right data. For example, you want your users to select the project, upload a snap and mention the location of today’s work.
  2. Mobile app: Your employees can fill their timesheet from their mobile phone.
  3. Offline submission: Don’t worry if your employees are in the remote part with low internet connectivity. They can submit their timesheet and it will be synched whenever they are back in the internet zone.
  4. GPS: You can capture the GPS location as well.
  5. Auto-email: You can get email notifications of all the submissions.  

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