Add Workflows

You can add custom workflows to your apps which are basically a series of activities that take place in order to achieve a business outcome.

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Components of a workflow builder


A workflow is triggered when a user performs certain action. The type of action is caller Trigger. There are three types of trigger –

  1. New Submission – When any user submits some data
  2. Edit Submission – When any user edits a submission already created before
  3. Review Submission – When the reviewers or admins change the status of certain submission

Task Node

A Node is a type of task that will be performed upon trigger. Here are the type of Nodes supported currently –

  1. Email – Send custom emails with contents from the submission to a set of people every time there is a trigger.
  2. Slack Notification – Send a custom message to a set of people in a Slack Channel every time there is a trigger.
  3. REST API – Send custom data from your submissions to a REST API gateway. This can be used to trigger external tasks and send data to other services that are not a part of Clappia.
  4. Mobile Notification – Send mobile push notification with custom content to all the users of the app. For example, whenever there is a new submission, send a push notification to all your internal users with a message.
  5. Wait – This block is generally used with other task nodes to wait for certain time or wait till a particular date to trigger a task. For example, configure a “next contact date” for a lead and on that particular day, inform the concerned person that he/she needs to follow up.
  6. IF Condition – This block is used to take a decision whether a task should be performed or not. For example, if the total amount for expense is more than $100, then send an email to the manager.
  7. Write to a Database* – Write a entry to an external database you might have on every trigger
  8. SMS* – Send a custom SMS to a set of users
  9. WhatsApp* – Send a custom WhatsApp message with files to a set of users. For example, a confirmation message with all the details.
  10. Edit Submission* – Make some changes in the submissions of an app created inside Clappia. Example use case – whenever an item request is approved from the inventory, reduce the current stock from the inventory app.
  11. Edit Submission Status* – Change the status of a submission of any other app inside Clappia. Example use case – the delivery boy has delivered a package. Change the status as “Delivered”.
  12. Edit Submission Owners* – Change the owners of a particular submission. Example use case – assign a task to another user whenever there is a trigger.

*Available on request. Clappia solutions team will customise this for you and there may be additional charges for implementation.

Add Node Button

This is this + button you need to click to add a new node.

Node Selection Box

This is a popup that appears on click the add node button. You will be able to select any node from this popup.

Building Workflows

Here are the steps to add a set of workflows –

Select trigger tab

Select the trigger tab for which you wants the tasks to be executed.

Add nodes

Click on the + button and select the node that you want. You can add more nodes in series or parallel based on your requirement.

Configure nodes

Click on a node and configure it on the right side.

Use variables

You can configure each node with custom contents from the values entered in your app. To access any variable from the App Design section, simply type @ and you should see a list of variables to configure.

For example, we are configuring custom subject and content of the email taken from the submission in the snapshot given below.

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