App Data/Submissions

Once you have added an app and submitted some data, it’s time to access and process them.

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Accessing submitted data

Open the app, submit data, and click on the Submissions icon to access all your submissions in one place.

Web App
Mobile App

Details of a submission

Web App
Once you have clicked on the submission icon, you will see a table with all your submissions. You can click a row to see the details of a submission on the right panel.

On clicking the Submissions icon, you will land on a screen as shown below with all the submissions in a card view. You can click on the submission id to fetch all details on the submission.


You can narrow down the list of submissions using the filters available on the Web App and the Mobile App.



Download submissions

You can download all submissions or filtered submissions by clicking the Download icon. This is possible only on the web app. You can apply filters to download a particular set of data. Make sure you have closed any right panel popped over the base right panel.