GPS Location

This article explains the Time Selector block that can be added as a block to design an app.

Help video

Used For

  1. Getting the current GPS location of a user
  2. Incidence reporting
  3. Asset Management
  4. Field reporting

Editing the block

Click on the block and start editing on the panel that appears on the right side.


This is what appears as the name of the GPS block to the end-user.


This is the text that goes below the GPS block to help the user.

Default to Current Location

By default, this option is turned off. If turned on, the GPS Location will be auto-filled when the user loads the Clappia App.

Modify Location

By default, GPS location editing is allowed for the user. If you want the users to not modify their current location, untick this option.


Tick this option if you want the user to compulsorily input the GPS location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I automatically get the location of the users at a regular interval?
No, this is a privacy issue for the end-user. That’s why we don’t provide this feature. Also, continuous GPS polling impacts battery usage heavily.