How to put conditions with Multiple selections in checkbox

  • If you are using the checkbox and want to display sections based on the selections made in the checkbox, but facing problem to display multiple sections when you select multiple options in the checkbox, here is the guide your help guide.
  • You need to write the options separated by comma (,) for multiple selections in the checkbox.
  • Here we need to select the damaged item i.e. Laptop or Mobile Phone, and different sections will appear based on our selections. Suppose we want that the Laptop section should appear either when we select only “Laptop” or select both “Laptop” and “Mobile Phone”.
  • The images provided below shows what we want to do.

If we select Laptop only, the Laptop section should appear only

If we select Mobile Phone only then the Mobile Phone section should appear only
  • This is how you need to put the condition in the section
  • Use OR(damage_part=“Laptop”,damage_part=“Laptop,Mobile Phone”)

Here is the link to the app “Damage Report” where you can see the use of this –