Managing nested sections

You can organise your app into nested sections so that if you have a long app with have multiple levels of hierarchy, the app users will see only the top-level sections when they open the app. They can then expand sections one by one to go deeper into the hierarchy.

Follow these steps to organise your app into nested sections.

  • Sign in to your Clappia account.
  • Open the app in which you want to use nested sections.
  • Below screenshot shows a Questionnaire app with 3 top-level sections, each with multiple sub-sections.
  • Go to the edit mode of this app.
  • Click the Edit Icon next to the Section Heading of any section.
  • In the popover that opens, click on the dropdown labelled Sub-sections. Select the sections that you want to mark as sub-sections of the current section. In the screenshot below, Sections 1.1 and 1.2 are marked as sub-sections of Section 1.
  • Similarly, add sub-sections of other sections in the app.
  • Save and go to App Home.
  • The app will appear like this. Only the titles of the top level sections are visible.
  • If you click on Section 1, Sections 1.1 and 1.2 will show up.
  • If you click on Section 1.1, Section 1.1.1 will open up with all its fields.
  • If you collapse Section 1, all its sub-sections will get hidden again.