Push data to Clappia through APIs

If you have created some apps on Clappia, you can have an integration between these apps and your own systems through Clappia’s public APIs. These public APIs accept data over a simple REST-based endpoint in JSON format. Using these APIs you can send any updates that happen in your system to your Clappia apps in real-time.

Each Clappia app gets a separate API Key, which has to be passed in the API call. This makes the public API endpoints secure.

In the screenshots below, we are pushing data to an app named “Employee Master” through the REST Api. At the end you’ll find the submission in the same Clappia app.

In the screenshot below, you see the Employee Master app. Notice the variable names in parentheses. for example, employee_i, employee_n etc. These will be used to prepare the API call.

We prepare the API call using the AppId of the Employee Master app, the registered user’s email address on Clappia and the data to be populated in the app. We’ve used the same variable names which we saw above in the app. Once the call succeeds, we get a submissionId.

Now when we go view the submissions of the app, we see the new entry with the same submission Id and the details that we passed in the API call.