Pushing data from Clappia to your own APIs

You can use Clappia’s Workflow Builder to push data from Clappia to your REST-based APIs which accept JSON payloads. Data can be pushed on the following events:

  • New Submission creation
  • Submission update
  • Submission status change

To create a Workflow to push data to your API, follow these steps.

  • Visit your app and open the Edit Mode.
  • Go to the Workflows Tab
  • Go to one of the 3 tabs – New Submission Flow, Edit Submission Flow, Review Submission Flow.
  • Add a new node, choose REST API.
  • Define your REST API configuration – Server Urls, authorization or other headers and the JSON Body. Headers and Body fields can take variables defined in the app. Just hit the @ character to see all the variables defined in the app.

That’s it. Data will start flowing to your APIs in real-time as soon as there is an event in Clappia.