Partner program

Clappia is accepting applications for the Partner Program from independent organizations, consultants and freelancers to build and sell solutions on the platform. Clappia provides a No Code platform where a range of software solutions can be created within a few hours or days without any special coding skills.

Why you should be a Clappia Partner?

  • You don’t need a large team of expert developers and system integrators to be able to sell a tech solution.
  • This is an industry agnostic solution. Thus you can contact most businesses and sell this solution. While in other software sales, you need to find the right customer for a solution.
  • The sales cycle of Clappia is extremely low. Sometimes it goes as low as a couple of hours or just 1 video meeting. You can create a prospect specific solution just before the demo and show it during the sales meeting. This speeds up sales.
  • You can be anywhere in the world and still be our partner.
  • We offer a really lucrative revenue-sharing plan.

What kind of partners Clappia is looking for?

  • Enterprise Sales Experts: You have sold software and hardware products and solutions to large enterprises and looking to expand your portfolio. You know the nitty-gritty of enterprise sales and have a few employees for services as well. Clappia team will help you with complex solutions and can develop features as well in case that wins deals.
  • SME Partners: You have a couple of sales experts in the team who can sell to SMEs. You can do sales as well as customization.
  • Consultants: You are a consultant and can even do sales. However, you neither have the time nor a team to deliver the solution. The Clappia team can deliver with the help of your expertise.
  • Freelancers / Micro-entrepreneurs: You know a segment really well and want to build small solutions and resell those solutions (not the whole Clappia platform). For example, you can be an Accountant or Tax expert and can create a solution for your segment and then resell those apps created by you to several businesses.

What is the process of becoming a Clappia Partner?

Please fill the form given below with your details. If your profile is found suitable, we will set up a Zoom conference call and take it forward.