Release Notes


  • Ratings Block: Use Emojis to take feedback, ratings, scores etc from users. Know more.

  • Create Submission Workflows: Allow App Admins to set initial status and owners of submissions created via the Create Submission Workflows. Know more.



  • Analytics: Add sorting option in the Data Table.
  • Analytics: Add a weekly option (like D, M and Y) in Bar Chart and Data Tables.
  • Get Data from other apps block: Sort data based on Selection fields.
  • Get data from other apps block: Dynamic filter works with exact match.
  • In excel download and google sheets, return date fields as date type (previously returned as text type)
  • Allow renaming of copied sections during submission.
  • Mobile App submissions view: Clicking anywhere on the card takes to the submission and reduce some space wastage on submission cards.
  • Take double confirmation from user when deleting an app or deleting all submissions of the app.
  • Support New app button inside folder.
  • Add submission ID to the last part of the submissions page URL (E.g.<APP_ID>/submissions/<SUBMISSION_ID>
  • Edit submission workflow: allow to pick multiple values from Multiple Selector Block for editing owners.
  • Add ‘Select all’ option in select columns option of Automated Reports
  • Support $submitterName, $submitterEmail, $status, $submissionId and other reserved variables in workflows, print etc.

Bug Fixes

  • On signing in with wrong password, the form would be permanently be in invalid state. Reloading of the page is required to attempt to sign in.
  • Workflow Builder and formula blocks: Got broken when pasting Rich Text.
  • Data missing for mandatory fields of type Get Data from other apps when master app submission is not completely fetched because of slow internet connection.
  • Nested dropdown not showing options if second dropdown is having a display condition
  • Duplicate workflows created for the same app.
  • Submissions table not showing Time field in correct time format per workplace preferences.
  • Submission still visible after deleting single submission.
  • Importing apps from App Templates defaults to current workplace.
  • Same user can be added in app again if view is not refreshed
  • Error while loading users intermittently on loading app users tab, happened when searching with special characters in email addresses.
  • Submissions Search not working if field values contain / or – or some other special characters.
  • Email workflow failing if static attachment file name contains special characters
  • Archive submission option not available in the white-labeled apps
  • Full names of x axis labels not visible in bar charts full screen view
  • Submission print: Unused whitespace in header/footer area even when header/footer config is OFF in print settings.
  • Show invalid workplace url message if no workplace with subdomain exists
  • App Templates Import failing with 10+ apps
  • Search Field option in edit submission node not working
  • App Design: Field Search not working in pulled fields and selection fields if labels are empty.
  • Automated Reports: Blank columns coming in reports for Text/Html fields.
  • Google Sheets sync fails when file upload block’s value is null
  • Fix Save and Discard Draft buttons view on smaller screens.
  • Page-break not appearing in pdf that comes in email
  • Formula x<y working as string comparison if x and y both are app fields. 2<10 gives false.
  • condition with 2 status variables not working in workflows (AND({$status}<>\”S11\”,{$status}<>\”S12\”))
  • Unable to change label of pulled file field.


  • Automated Reports. Know more.
  • Added support for XML data type in Rest Api node in workflows. Know more.


  • Supporting camera uploads on web. Know more. You can also prevent users from uploading any old photos by forcing them to use only their web cam/phone cameras. 



  • Supporting List-type responses in Get Data from Rest API block. Know more.

  • Print Settings: Advanced Table properties to delete empty table rows from final pdf. Know more.

  • Other fixes to Print Settings HTML Editor. Allow header/footer size to be dynamic based on the content.


  • Added Maps as a Chart Type in Analytics. Know More.




  • Allow sorting on columns of Submissions Table

  • Allow more fields to be conditionally shown/hidden (GET data from other apps, Text/HTML, Formula Blocks).
  • Fixed issues with Edit Submission workflow. Now we do an exact match while applying the filter criteria (Previously it was a partial match)
  • Fixed issues with Bulk upload for apps containing GET data from other apps Block.
  • Fixed issues with GET data from other apps block: Options of Pulled fields of type Single/Multiple selector were not reflecting previously.


  • Select multiple submissions and take bulk actions on them
    Now you can select multiple submissions of the app and take bulk actions on them. Following actions are supported as of now –
    -> Changing the status of the selected submissions (If there are some status values configured on the app and if the user has permissions to change the status)
    -> Deleting the selected submissions. 

    Following bulk actions will be released soon
    -> Editing submission field values.
    -> Editing submission owners.

  • Updated colors in Analytics
  • Fixed issues with text getting trimmed in Analytics Data table.
  • Fetching up to 50 records in Get Data from Other Apps Block.
  • Allowing upto 50 different HTML templates in Print Settings. 
  • Fixed issue with Charts not appearing in App Edit mode.


  •  Support multiple PDF Print Templates
    Now you can configure multiple print templates for each app and before printing, you can choose which template to use to generate the PDF. Know more about configuring Print Settings.

    It can be used in workflows to send different PDFs to different email Ids based on different conditions. Know more about using Dynamic Print templates in Email workflows.

  • Pull Data from the same app using Get Data from other Apps Block.
    Get Data from Other Apps block was previously used to fetch data from other apps only. Now it supports pulling the submissions from the same app also.

  • Supporting more data in Google Sheets.
    Google Sheets integration was previously possible for apps having less than 10,000 submissions. Now the limit is increased to 5,000,000/N, where N=number of fields in the app. So if the app has 10 fields, it will support 500,000 submissions in Google Sheets.

  • Submission Limit for Bulk Excel Download is now increased to 10,000.
    If there are more than 1000 submissions, you will get a Data Download link over email.

  • Highlight Today’s date in calendar

  • Support submission date and time in dynamic print.

  • Allow Server Url to be dynamic in Get Data from REST API Block. Know more about this block.
  • Ask for confirmation before deleting app or deleting all submissions.
  • Fixed issue with Submission search filters, where user had to refresh the page to modify filter values.


  • Folders on Dashboard
    Organize the apps on your Dashboard by creating folders. If you have too many apps on your Dashboard, just right click anywhere on the Dashboard, create a new folder and move your apps to the folder. You can have multiple folders on the dashboard and also folders inside folders. 

    Apps which are marked as public (Link Sharing is ON) cannot be moved to folders.

  • Allow conditional editing of fields
    Fields can be marked for whether or not they are editable after the initial submission. As an advanced option, you can write a Clappia formula to decide whether the field is editable or not. For example, we can set a field to be non-editable once the status is APPROVED, or to be non-editable for any non-admin user. Know more.

  • Auto-updating submission owners using workflows
    The edit Submission workflow now supports editing the owners of a submission. Know more.

  • Enhancements to REST Api block in workflows
    * Added support for APIs with HTTP GET methods.
    * Added support for APIs with query string.
    * Allowed Server Url field to accept variables from the app.

    Know more.

  • Workflows: Supporting “Wait till time” in Wait nodes
    In addition to Wait Till Date, we can now configure a Wait Till Time for the wait node. Know more.



  • Add @status variable in formula block, conditional section/fields. Use this to show/hide sections/fields based on the submission status.



  • Edit submission workflow: Allow edit of current app’s submissions.



  • Allow print settings to be configured in landscape mode. The pdf printed from submissions view and the pdf sent through workflow emails will be in portrait/landscape format as specified in the print settings.



  • Mobile App: Show numeric keypad for Single Selector if number validation is used.



  • Open mobile app directly on accessing any Clappia url on phone.



  • Fix for issue: Formula block and fields pulled from other apps were editable.
  • Fix for issue: unable to remove additional dimension from analytics




  • Analytics: Full Screen view to get more detailed analysis.





  • Scaled up the services to raise the users-per-workplace limit and users-per-app limit to 100k. (Previously it was 2k). Activated one workplace with 16k users and assigned multiple apps to all these users.





  • Analytics: Functionality to download raw data as Excel for individual charts.



  • Date and Time format configurable at the Workplace-level. The format will be used in Date Selector Block, Time Selector Block, Submissions view, Excel Download, Google Sheets.







  • Configurable number of columns to align the options for Single-selector and multi-selector blocks.




  • Fixed issue with embedded apps – Unable to view the app if user is logged in to Clappia, issue with GPS, Code Scan blocks on iframe-embedded apps.
  • Fixed issue with constant values in Edit Submission workflow filters and field values.




  • Conditional Fields: Fields can be conditionally hidden based on the values of other fields in the app. For Example, show a field named “Upload Photos” only if “score < 70%”. Applicable only for Single Line Text, Multi Line Text, Date Selector and File Upload blocks. Know more.



  • Mobile App: Auto-caching of top user apps to improve offline experience.
  • Supporting variables $allUsers, $allDataAdmins, $allReviewers in email and mobile notification workflow nodes.



  • Changes to Submissions view: Making the view more compact, removing unnecessary spacing.



  • Data Table in Analytics view: Making the table more configurable by allowing the column names to be modified.
  • Fixed issue with Code Scanner block on embedded apps.
  • Fixed issue with png images not getting displayed in dynamic pdf header and footer.
  • Fixed issue related to inconsistent behavior of Date Selector, Time Selector and GPS Location Blocks across web and mobile apps.




  • Adding new Chart Types in Analytics –
    • Summary: To show aggregate count of data in the app (Total number of tickets, Total Revenue from all orders, Total number of patients etc.)
    • Data Table: To show aggregate data for an app in tabular view. Ability to group data by day/month/year.









  • Analytics: Group data on Daily/Monthly/Yearly Basis for Bar Chart and Line Chart.





  • Analytics: Extending the Analytics view for users with Data Access and Data Admin roles. (Previously only App Admins were allowed to view Analytics)
  • Fixed issues with Google Sign-up and Sign-in on web.
  • Fixed issues with Google Sheets not getting sync’ed in case of apps containing copyable sections.
  • Fixed issue where some apps were not getting loaded on the mobile app while user was offline.
  • Showing all login sessions of the user on Profile page and ability to logout from other sessions
  • Minor UI Changes for Pie Chart, Bar Chart.
  • Fix for issue where a user with just Submitter Access was not able to open the downloaded Excel file.




  • Edit Submission Workflow: Allowed using fields from the other app in formula.




  • Updates to format of Excel Downloads in case of apps containing multiple copyable sections.
  • Fixed issues with some emails and mobile app notifications not being delivered in case of app assignment or workplace invites.
  • Mobile App: Allowing file uploads to be non-editable after initial submission.
  • When user logs out from one browser tab, the user gets logged out from all other open tabs.
  • Showing User Name initials on dashboard header.




  • New App Templates. Importing the templates will clone a set of apps along with their workflows, print settings and a few master app submissions as well.






  • Fix for default values not getting set for unauthenticated users


Improvements to Submissions View


  • Avoiding table refresh on submission edit and status change.
  • Ability to assign submission ownership to users who have not signed up yet (They only need to be invited to the workplace first). Showing email address instead of user name for such users whose user names are not yet set.




  • Fixes for Get Data from Other Apps Block: Searching against multiple Selection Fields. Know more.
  • Fixes for Workflow Builder User Interface.
  • Fix for form default values not getting set for unauthenticated users, default values not getting set in copyable sections.




  • Workflow to copy images and other file uploads to S3 Bucket of an external AWS Account. Customers can get a backup of all files uploaded on Clappia in their AWS S3 bucket in real-time. Know more.
  • Enhanced the Code Reader Block to allow pulling data from other Master Apps created on Clappia. Users can scan a Bar code/ QR Code using this and all details associated with that code can be pulled from another Clappia app. Know more.




  • Bulk upload Excel data supports uploading Submission Status information. Using this, master data submissions can be created with an initial status.
  • Supporting scanning of externally generated QR Codes/Bar codes. The Get Data from other apps Block can be used to scan any QR Code/Bar Code and if its data is uploaded in the Master app, all its related details can be fetched. [Previously this block was able to scan only the QR Codes generated from Clappia apps]. Minimum Android App version to use this feature is 2.3.9.
  • Supporting formulae for Copyable sections – SIGMA, COUNT, MIN, MAX, JOIN, CONTAINS. Check a sample app here –



  • Supporting additional variables in App Design – Current User Email, Current User Name, Submitter Email. Can be used for showing/printing the submitter details. Can also be used for putting validations that only the original submitter can edit a submission.
  • Get data from other apps – Auto-select the result if there is only one match.




  • Updates to the Get Data from other apps block. This block now supports pulling fields from copyable sections from the master apps. Note that this will work on newly added blocks only.
  • Bulk upload Excel data supports uploading Ownership information also. If the uploaded Excel file contains a list of Owner Email Ids, the new submissions will get auto-assigned to these Email Ids, given that these users are already added/invited to the Workplace.
  • Google Sheets to contain data from copyable sections. To enable this, users will have to reconnect the Sheets with their apps.




  • Get Data from REST API block in App Design. This can be used to pull master data or any other data from your company’s APIs that contain the information of Users, Employees, Vendors, Projects etc. This can also be used to fetch live data of currency exchange, weather etc from open APIs. Know more.



  • Option to default to current location (GPS Location block). With this setting turned on, GPS Location will be auto-filled when the user loads the Clappia App. Know more.











  • Timezone configuration for Workplaces. Workplace Admins can set a Timezone for their Workplace. This will be used while handling Date and Time values in Excel download, Google Sheets, dynamic print, workflows etc. Know more.





  • Watermarking on image uploads for Android app (Minimum Clappia app version 2.3.5). Useful for Geolocation tagging, timestamp tagging and putting any other information on the photos. Know more about this feature here.








  • Form-level validations involving multiple app variables. Know more.





  • Automated monthly Workplace usage reports to Workplace Admins – App-wise submission count, device-wise submission count.





  • Workplaces can use their own SMTP settings to send emails configured in the app workflows. Know more.



  • Fixes for date and time fields in IF formulas. Formulas like check_in_date <> “”, checkout_time <> “” can now be used.
  • Fixed issue with LEN function in formula fields.
  • Invite users to Workplace directly from App Configuration tab.



  • Showing variables from copyable sections in print html editor





  • Updated Html template designer for print settings. Users will now be able to do table manipulation operations like table width resize, cell-width resize, cell merge, border settings. All app variables can also be referred to just by typing ‘@’. Know more about dynamic printing here.
  • Changes to app designer to make it more intuitive.




  • Workflow Email node supports static and dynamic (configured in print settings) attachments. Pdfs generated for submissions can be included in the emails sent via workflows. Useful for sending invoices, survey reports, field inspection reports etc to admins and other users.
  • Workflows: One start node in the beginning to allow multiple branches from the start of the workflow. Workflows now support branching from the first node itself.
  • Detailed help tool tips in all the right panels to assist users while they are designing the apps.







  • Excel download and Google Sheets will contain links to uploaded files (previously only file names used to come). Only the users who have access to a submission can open the link to download the files.
  • Excel download will contain only those columns which are selected in Submissions page settings.







  • Text/Html block to support ‘@’ auto-complete of variables.
  • Custom message after submission can be configured. This also supports ‘@’ auto-complete of variables.
  • Better UI for Dependency app dynamic filters config.
  • UI for setting multi-level dropdown
  • auto-populate form using url – sample url –  <WORKPLACE><APP_ID>?customer_n=abc&amount=200&address=Delhi











  • Status (with comments) and ownership updates in history.
  • Moved status and all other app settings to a common configuration tab.