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With Clappia’s No-Code platform, build custom apps for businesses without coding. Quick development, customisation anytime, and offline mobile apps are a plus.


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Key Features 

  1. Capturing real-time GPS location of the submitter
  2. Allowing only camera-enabled photos during visits
  3. Live tracking field force with automated calculations for fuel reimbursement
  4. Interconnect with master database apps like Customer Master
  5. Pre-set daily/Weekly beat plans
  6. Capture QR codes/barcodes and customer signatures
  7. Create customised PDFs and send them via automated Email/WhatsApp
  8. Automated reminders/alerts to customers and follow-up reminders to employees
  9. Multi-level approval workflows
  10. Analytics dashboard and automated D/W/M reports
  11. Offline submissions with photos and location
  12. Open APIs for integration to and from Clappia

Assign access permissions for users via phone number or email address and go live…

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Use Case

A company that employs over 300 field workers is seeking an efficient way to manage the collection of EMIs provided to its customers. The admins assign field workers to customers at least once a week and allow the field team to record their visits. Any necessary follow-ups are automatically sent to the agents as reminders.

How Did Clappia Help Streamline the Business Process?

Clappia provided a solution by creating user-friendly mobile apps for field workers that function offline, making it simple to manage these visits. For the administrators, the web apps help them deep-dive into the MIS and have insights into the gathered information with the help of an analytics dashboard. Clappia’s live tracking feature helped to track the movement of the field force and at the same time helped the company calculate their travel claims effortlessly.

App Design

Two master apps, Customer Master and Employee Master, were created and connected to a Visit Tracker app. 


Automated Workflows

Defined an automated workflow for follow-up reminders and approvals in case the journey is completed, and at the same time, on completion of the visit, notified the customers via Email/WhatsApp/SMS.


Analytics Dashboard

Assisted admins to draw insights from the visits and accordingly plan to make the process efficient, leading to a better collection of EMIs within a short time period and increasing the productivity of the field forces.


Mobile App View

Field workers could access the app through the mobile app that functioned offline as well, making it simple to manage their visits. Data captured on the mobile app would immediately be visible to the admins on the web app.



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