Top 7 No-Code Platforms To Accelerate Your Business Digitization

Suhas Bangalore
April 20, 2022
5 minutes read

Learn how no-code tools enable automation without coding and discover the top 7 platforms to set up your digital business assets effortlessly. Dive into the future of efficient and effective business operations with no-code development."Even as we speak, the swiftly changing digital world and its trends are innovating. The process of using digital tools to transform and automate your company’s business processes for increased productivity and improved customer experience is nothing but Digitization of your business. The challenge for the firms here is to adapt to these innovations and reap benefits out of them for their businesses.

No-code platforms are the latest trend setters and according to Gartner, it is predicted that no-code platforms will be used by more than 65% of businesses by 2024.

Benefits of using No-code Platform

What is a No-code Platform?

No-code, as the name implies, does not involve coding. Yes, you don’t have to write even a single line of code to build powerful applications required for your business. No-code platforms offer a builder with built-in functions and features in which you can build applications for any use case just by using drag-and-drop elements or blocks.

Benefits of using No-code Platform

You don’t need to have any technical expertise or coding knowledge and that is the top-drawer benefit of using no-code platforms. You, as a business owner or anyone from your organization, can transform your business requirements into powerful business process applications with the help of no-code platforms.

If your company uses no-code platforms, it is a cost-effective solution that takes less time to build applications with comparatively little work and ensures that the requirements and deliverables are not lost in translation between the business owner and the application builder.

Basic Digital Setup of a Business

Let’s point out basic assets or must-have resources of a business or a company in the Digital world.

digital business
  • A clean and crisp company website.
  • An Efficient lot of web and mobile applications to manage business processes.
  • Proper email systems in place for automation.
  • Essential integrations connected appropriately.
  • Clear analytics, insights and reports of user activity.
  • Functional lines for customer support.
  • Community for customers to learn by sharing insights and solving any hurdles.

Below is a list of no-code platforms that will help your business in setting up these basic assets or must-have resources.

Top 7 No-Code Platforms to Setup and Scale your Business

  1. Webflow
  2. Clappia
  3. MailChimp
  4. Zapier
  5. Google Analytics
  6. GetGist
  7. Panion

Let’s see how these no-code platforms help in digitizing your business.

  1. Webflow

The best no-code platform to build your company website

You can turn your idea into a website and create one for almost any type of business. There are drag-and-drop elements using which you can build a website from scratch or use a template to build your website. There are a lot of templates for websites which are categorized according to the business type in webflow.

Webflow also provides an option for customization too.

  1. Clappia

The best no-code platform to build business process applications for mobile and web

In Clappia, creating custom process apps for your business is as easy as working on an excel sheet. Clappia offers a builder where you can just use drag-and-drop blocks to build an application, apply logic, connect workflows and deploy the application within no-time.

Any person in your organization with basic excel skills can create powerful business process applications in Clappia. 

  1. Mailchimp

The best no-code platform to automate email systems

Mailchimp offers you a platform to automate the email systems of your business. You can create a mailing list, use templates, set up email marketing campaigns, target customers for mailing specifically and get reports of the campaigns.

The process of designing and launching an email campaign makes it a no-code platform as all the processes are run by built-in features and functions. Just click on them and rearrange the fields.

  1. Zapier

The best no-code platform to integrate applications

Zapier is an online platform which will help your business to connect applications and automate most of your business processes and workflows. These connections are called ‘Zaps’ and there are 4000+ application integrations that zapier supports as of now.

You can set the automation just by selecting applications that you want to connect and specify actions. Say you want to connect Google Sheets and Slack, choose both applications and specify - If rows get updated send a message on a channel in slack. Create Zaps without having to code.

  1. Google Analytics

The best no-code platform for analytics

Google Analytics is the best no-code tool for analytics which utilizes data filtering, usage reports, data visualization, monitoring tools etc., and integrates easily with google apps and allows you to automate your business workflows.

  1. Intercom

The best no-code platform for online chat support

Customer support is one of the key pillars for the growth of any brand, company or organization. Intercom is one of the best customer communication platforms for live chat support through messaging that lets the businesses track and talk with the users based on their activity like visiting a site, browsing a specific product/service or if the user has any doubt or queries to clear etc.

Intercom supports integrations with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Zapier, Stripe, Google Meet, also offers chatbots and many more as it helps in automating email marketing, event tracking etc. Setup all available automations without coding even a single line.

  1. Panion

The best no-code platform for building community

Panion is a no-code tool that provides a platform for members of the same section or a community to increase employee engagement, interaction, connection, like-minded conversations and much more.

Admins or Community Managers can create and manage branded communities by planning and organizing events, analytics and tracking and many more functions using tools based on no-code development.


The best no-code platform for building community

Almost all business operations may be completed utilizing cost effective solutions such as no-code platforms, which reduces time and increases productivity. Because no-code is the way of the future, organizations will undoubtedly transition their workflows and processes to no-code application development in order to become more efficient and effective.

We at Clappia are extremely proud and happy to be able to contribute towards the no-code eco-system by helping out businesses in accelerating their digitization process. 

Have a walk-through of Clappia and use the sample apps built in Clappia. It is absolutely free to build apps in Clappia and coding knowledge is not required, instead, basic excel skills will be more than enough.

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