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Production Scheduling

  • Efficient Resource Planning: Streamline production scheduling by allowing users to input and manage data on raw materials, ensuring optimal resource allocation and preventing shortages or overstock.
  • Seamless Work Order Management: Facilitates the creation of a custom application for work orders, enabling users to easily organize and monitor tasks, enhancing workflow efficiency in the production process.
  • Real-time Machine Availability Tracking: Get real-time tracking of machine availability to make informed decisions, reduce downtime, and maintain a smooth and continuous production flow.

Quality Control

  • Defect Tracking: Create tailored applications for  identification, monitoring, and documentation, in the manufacturing process.
  • Automated Inspection Processes: Gain real-time insights into product quality by automating inspection workflows, reducing manual efforts.
  • Customized Quality Management Solutions: Implement automated logic for specialized quality control measures tailored to unique processes.

Supply Chain Coordination

  • Order Tracking: Clappia Customize applications that effortlessly track orders, for real-time visibility into procurement processes.
  • Timely Delivery Management: Manage deliveries from suppliers, ensuring the right materials arrive at the right time, optimizing production schedules and minimizing delays.
  • Invoice Control and Transparency: Coordinate seamlessly with vendors, facilitating transparent invoice tracking and management, ultimately enhancing financial control within the supply chain.

Asset Maintenance

  • Efficient Scheduled Maintenance: Track and schedule routine maintenance tasks, ensuring timely inspections and upkeep of manufacturing assets.
  • Centralized Repair Documentation: Simplify the documentation process for repairs enabling manufacturers to input and organize detailed information on asset repairs in a centralized platform.
  • Optimized Asset Replacement Management: Tracking and managing asset replacements through real time and location updates, providing a systematic approach to monitor the lifespan of assets and plan replacements.

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Tracking: Get precise tracking of raw materials, finished products, and in-process materials, providing manufacturing industries with a streamlined process for monitoring inventory levels.
  • Automated Reorder Processes: Automate reorders based on predefined thresholds, minimizing the risk of stockouts and optimizing supply chain efficiency.
  • Proactive Inventory Control: With real-time insights, prevent stock-outs or overstocking, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Supplier Management

  • Supplier Performance Tracking: Track supplier performance metrics, get real-time insights into aspects like delivery times and quality standards.
  • Efficient Data Input and Retrieval: Manufacturers can input and retrieve critical information on suppliers swiftly, promoting efficiency in managing supplier databases.
  • Issue Resolution: Identify and address potential issues in supplier adherence to organizational processes through live dashboards and automated reports.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

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