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Real Estate

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Property listing

  • Cataloging: Create and manage detailed property listings, ensuring all essential information is easily cataloged.
  • Property Detailing: Enhance property presentations with up to date comprehensive data with images.
  • Customized Search Filters: Find property details effortlessly by incorporating customizable search filters, providing a tailored experience.
Real Estate
Real Estate

Lead generation

  • Client Data Capture: Capture data even in offline mode, enabling real estate agents to effortlessly gather and organize client information.
  • Automated Follow-Up Systems: Utilize automation to set up follow-up processes, ensuring timely communication with leads and increasing the chances of converting potential clients into valued customers.
  • Customizable Inquiry Forms: Tailor-made inquiry forms allow agents to create personalized, engaging experiences for potential clients, making the lead generation process more interactive and efficient.

Client portal

  • Effortless Document Management: Streamline document sharing and signing processes, ensuring seamless communication between agents and clients.
  • Instant Appointment Scheduling: Simplify the booking process for property viewings or consultations through user-friendly forms and calendars.
  • Transaction Tracking: Keep clients informed at every step, from offer submission to closing, with real-time updates and progress tracking.
Real Estate
Real Estate

Agent portal

  • Property Listing: Easily manage and update property listings, ensuring agents have real-time information for effective client interactions.
  • Customizable Lead Management: Tailor lead management systems to match your workflow, providing agents with a seamless process for tracking and converting leads.
  • Document Management: Simplify document sharing and approval processes, reducing paperwork and streamlining transactions for a more efficient real estate experience.

Open house scheduling

  • Effortless Scheduling: Simplify the open house scheduling process, allowing real estate professionals to effortlessly plan and manage property viewings.
  • Automated Reminders: Ensure that both agents and potential buyers stay informed about upcoming open house events, reducing the chances of missed opportunities.
  • Customizable Registration Forms: Tailor registration forms to capture essential attendee information, providing realtors with valuable insights for personalized follow-ups and better engagement.
Real Estate
Real Estate

Client feedback

  • Surveys: Easily design and deploy customized surveys to gather detailed client feedback on property preferences, helping you tailor your services to their needs.
  • Instant Reporting: Leverage Clappia for quick data analysis, generating instant reports on client sentiments, allowing real-time adjustments to your real estate strategies.
  • Effortless Follow-ups: Automate follow-up processes, ensuring that no client feedback goes unaddressed and creating a seamless and responsive communication channel.
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Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

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