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Airtable, with its user-friendly interface and powerful database capabilities, has become a popular choice for businesses seeking to build collaborative applications. With over 350 app integrations, Airtable offers a versatile platform for organizing data and streamlining workflows. However, there are several competitors and alternatives to Airtable that offer similar features and functionalities.

Let's explore some of the top Airtable competitors in 2024:

1.   Clappia

Clappia stands out as a robust alternative to Airtable, offering a powerful no-code platform for building collaborative applications. Its intuitive interface and vast array of pre-built templates empower users to craft sophisticated solutions without any coding knowledge. Thanks to its cross-platform compatibility and user-friendly design, Clappia proves to be an exceptional choice for businesses aiming to optimize their workflows.

With Clappia's No-Code app creation platform, even non-technical users can create mobile and web apps effortlessly, utilizing their Excel skills. No coding is required, enabling users to develop a diverse range of practical apps and workflows, from simple data collection tools to enterprise-grade ERPs.

Top 8 Airtable Competitors and Alternatives 2024

Clappia enables the creation of powerful business process apps with just drag-and-drop features like GPS location, QR code, Geofencing, Live Tracking, Live camera uploads, NFC, Google Drive connection, and many more. The collection of app templates also contains more than 50 pre-made apps.

Moreover, Clappia seamlessly integrates with websites, allowing users to link their Clappia apps and publish them as online forms. For offline usage, users can conveniently download the Clappia app launcher, ensuring accessibility and functionality regardless of internet connectivity.

2.   Ninox

Ninox is an Airtable alternative that looks like a spreadsheet. Users of this platform can create reports for data visualisation in formats including Gantt, Kanban, and Diagrams. Users can automate their business processes by changing the community-shared templates.

Ninox offers a variety of editable templates for contacts, meetings, bills, custom CRM, inventories, accounting, to-do lists, real estate, and projects.

Top 8 Airtable Competitors and Alternatives

3.   JotForm App

JotForm is a popular online form builder that also offers features for building simple mobile apps and workflows. With its intuitive form builder, extensive template library, and robust integrations, JotForm is an excellent alternative to Airtable for businesses looking to streamline data collection processes.

Top Airtable Competitors and Alternatives 2024

4.   Caspio

Power Apps has an additional low-code platform option in Caspio. It makes it possible to develop non-programming applications. Thanks to Caspio's features and tools, users may create apps ten times faster. By linking the database to other cloud services, developers can customise their apps using open-source tools like HTML, CSS, and others.

Top Airtable Competitors and Alternatives

5.   Kintone

Kintone is a cloud-based platform that empowers teams to build and customize business applications without coding. With its intuitive interface and robust collaboration features, Kintone is ideal for businesses looking to streamline workflows and improve productivity. Whether you're managing projects, tracking expenses, or automating business processes, Kintone offers a flexible and scalable solution.

Top Airtable Competitors

6.   Appsheet

A extremely user-friendly No-Code platform is Appsheet. To publish your app, simply add a spreadsheet, features, and branding. Appsheet, which is quick and easy to use, has more than 50 app templates available, including ones for field service and data collecting, transportation, compliance reports, delivery tracking, property surveys, and many more.

Top Airtable lternatives 2024

7.   Glide

You may use Glide to transform your Google Sheets data into effective apps. You can choose from a variety of pre-built templates when establishing your application. You can then change it by inserting different features, sections, and layouts, such as dialogue boxes, map integrations, call buttons, contact forms, social media symbol links, simple charts or graphs, based on the needs and goals of your business as well as your chosen design.

Best Airtable Alternatives

8.   Power Apps

A low-code platform called Microsoft Power Apps makes it simple to create and run apps using drag-and-drop. Power Apps may automatically create business apps for you by selecting one of the numerous data sources, or you can build apps from scratch. The apps that other people have made and shared with you are available for use, or you can modify, share, and utilise them.

Top 8 Airtable Competitors and Alternatives 2024

While Airtable remains a popular choice for businesses seeking customizable database solutions, there are several alternatives and competitors worth considering. Pricing for Airtable may vary depending on the features and capabilities required. However, for businesses looking for an affordable, intuitive, and feature-rich alternative, Clappia emerges as a top contender. With its no-code platform, extensive template library, and cross-platform compatibility, Clappia offers businesses of all sizes the tools they need to succeed in today's digital landscape.

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