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Businesses and organizations continually seek more dynamic and comprehensive ways to gather information. One breakthrough feature that has set new standards in data collection is the video capture capability of Clappia’s custom forms, a feature absent in many other form solutions like Google Forms or Microsoft Forms and numerous survey applications.

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Understanding Video Capture in Clappia's Custom Forms

Clappia stands out by offering a video capture feature directly within its custom forms. Unlike other form solutions that limit users to embedding YouTube links or adding images, Clappia enables users to record and upload videos straight from mobile devices. This function is pivotal for field employees who require the means to record detailed visual data in real-time. This is invaluable across numerous sectors, from construction site inspections to environmental assessments, where live video data can provide a far richer narrative than static images.

Why Video Capture Is Not Available in Other Solutions?

Solutions like Google Forms or Microsoft Forms are excellent for various types of data collection but are limited to text, images, and embedded content. The absence of a direct video capture feature in these platforms stems from their primary design, which is centered around simplicity and basic data input tasks. 

In Clappia, you can make use of the mobile app for your custom forms. Direct video capture from Clappia’s mobile app allows field employees to effortlessly record and upload videos as part of their survey or report, all within a few taps on their device. This eliminates the need for third-party video recording tools or the hassle of transferring files from one device to another, streamlining the data collection process. 

The Significance of Video Capture

Imagine a field officer inspecting a construction site or an agricultural expert assessing crop health. Photos can certainly capture a moment in time, but videos can document the entire process, capture dynamic events, and convey a more comprehensive story. Through Clappia’s mobile app, field employees can easily record videos:

Direct Video Recording: Users can capture live video data, providing a continuous visual stream for nuanced assessments and verifications.

Enhanced Proof of Work: Video evidence surpasses photos by displaying a series of actions, capturing movement, and validating operations in a way that still images simply cannot.

video capture in form

Advantages Over Photo Uploads

While photos are valuable, videos offer an added layer of depth and interactivity. Videos can show functionality, movement, and progression, which are critical for sectors where dynamic monitoring is essential. For example, in the maintenance of machinery, a video can capture not just the condition of the equipment, but also its operational sounds, something photos cannot do.

Integrating Video Capture in Clappia

For users seeking a dedicated video upload solution in their forms, Clappia’s Camera, Images & Files block is a sophisticated feature designed to cater specifically to this need. This block simplifies the process of incorporating video capture capabilities into any custom form, making it straightforward for users to collect video data from the field.

Here’s how the Camera, Images & Files block enhances Clappia's custom forms for users focused on video capture:

  • Real-Time Data Collection
  • Customizable Video Settings
  • Limit Video File Size
  • Direct Upload from Mobile’s Camera
  • Offline Capability (for White-labeled apps)
  • Integration with Workflow
video capture in form

Clappia as the Ultimate Survey Platform

For organizations looking to harness the power of video within their data collection processes, Clappia presents itself as the ultimate solution. By bridging the gap that other survey tools haven’t addressed, Clappia empowers businesses to capture, analyze, and utilize data in ways that were previously inaccessible.

Leveraging Clappia’s Advanced Features Alongside Video Capture

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Clappia’s survey capabilities aren't limited to video capture. Clappia is enriched with features that, when combined with video capture, makes it an ideal platform in crafting a comprehensive data collection tool, or building custom survey apps tailored to the specific needs of any organization. Here's how

GPS Location Capture: Integrating GPS data capture in your forms can add geographic context to your video data, pinpointing the exact location of the recording, which is especially useful for field surveys. Learn more.

Signature Uploads: Adding a signature field can provide an extra layer of authentication to your video surveys, where respondents can sign off directly within the form. Learn more.

Unique ID Generation: Each video captured can be tagged with a unique identifier, simplifying tracking and organization of video data. Learn more.

Get Data from Other Apps (Interconnect Apps): This allows you to pull data from other apps built on Clappia, enabling a seamless flow of information that can complement the video data collected in surveys. For instance, you could retrieve pre-existing data related to a survey entry without manual input. Learn more.

Emails: Automated emails can be configured to send notifications or follow-ups once a video survey is completed or when certain conditions are met within the app, keeping all stakeholders informed. Learn more.

Approvals: You can set up a workflow where video submissions can trigger an approval process. This is particularly useful for quality control or when submissions need to be reviewed by supervisors or peers. Learn more.

Offline Mode: Capture videos in areas with poor connectivity and sync once online, ensuring reliable data collection in any location. Video capture in offline mode is available for white-labeled apps currently. Learn more.

The combination of these features with video capture turns Clappia into a powerful platform for creating custom survey apps. These apps can collect rich, multidimensional data, making them perfect for a wide range of industries and use cases. Each feature mentioned above is designed to work seamlessly within Clappia’s ecosystem, adding layers of depth and functionality to the humble survey form.

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Embrace the Future with Clappia

It’s time to move beyond the constraints of traditional form solutions and embrace the full spectrum of data collection capabilities. By signing up for Clappia, users gain access to an innovative platform that extends far beyond static forms, enabling them to capture live video data and much more. With Clappia, the possibilities are only limited by imagination.

So why wait? Sign up on Clappia today and redefine the way you collect and utilize data.


Start building dynamic surveys with Clappia's video capture for enhanced data collection

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