App in Different Language

If you wish to create apps in your local language or any other language, you can do it easily with Clappia.

Here are the steps to create an app in another language, here we have created in Hindi.

  • Create the app as per your requirement using the drag and drop options provided.
  • You can use the google transliteration tool to input the field names easily in your required language.
  • You can also use the google chrome extension for the same or you can also use the on-screen keyboard.

Create your complete app and the end users can enter data in same the language in which the app is created using the mobile phone keyboards.

Screenshot from mobile phone, This is how end user can enter data in different language

Here are the links to the different apps in different languages,

किसान पंजीकरण / Farmer Registration (Hindi)

GateKeeper / حارس البوابة (Arabic)

आधार -बँक दुवा / Adhaar-Bank Link (Marathi)